About Us

DIGNITY Kwanza was founded to ensure the continuation of AATZ services such as legal assistance, community empowerment and livelihoods programs to its clients. DIGNITY Kwanza will not only continue to serve refugees but will extend its services to a wider group of marginalised and vulnerable populations.

DIGNITY Kwanza - Community Solutions (DIGNITY Kwanza) is a national not-for-profit organization registered in Tanzania under the NGOs Act of 2002 as amended in 2005, with Registration No. 00NGO/00009763. DIGNITY Kwanza was established in 2018 to supplement other stakeholders’ efforts to find solutions for problems facing marginalized and vulnerable populations in Tanzania.
Human dignity and development are two sides of the same coin. When everyone in the community is able to live with dignity, social and economic development of every member of that community is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, it has been a trend, especially in the developing countries, to treat the two concepts as mutually exclusive. Development plans and projects are not designed to create conditions that respect, protect and affirm human dignity, while human rights, which is a key aspect of human dignity is regarded as an obstacle to development. Consequently, certain groups of people become marginalized and vulnerable and face various problems such as violation of their fundamental rights, extreme poverty, isolation, limited access to social services, unemployment, and lack opportunity to attain self-fulfillment and adequately contribute to nation building.

At DIGNITY Kwanza, we strongly believe that once people’s dignity is safeguarded, everything else will fall into place; hence the name “DIGNITY Kwanza”.

What we offer

  • Individualized and group Legal Assistance (legal advice, education and representation).
  • Community empowerment and support.
  • Targeted development programs implementation.
  • Advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising.
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Human dignity and development are two sides of the same coin.

DIGNITY Kwanza - Human Dignity and Inclusive Development


We envision a Tanzania where every person lives with dignity and is assured of the opportunity to achieve self-fulfillment and contribute to the nation building.


Our mission is to safeguard and promote human dignity of marginalized and vulnerable populations for attainment of social and economic development through education, support and empowerment.